Clay & Pottery

It is impossible to deny the aesthetic appeal of ceramics and the mindfulness benefits the making theirof brings. Whether you wish for your children to have a quality, creative team and learn something new, or if you wish to let your creative juices flow and create a few pieces of home decor or your very own mug to enjoy at your fika, our clay and pottery barn has both the equipment and guidance available for you to make it happen.

There is an all-in package price of 750 SEK incl. VAT that includes 5 kg of clay, all tools, turntables, glazes and the use of the kiln. For beginners there is a short introduction to potttery and clay work by one of our team.

The package is not restricted to one person, so you are welcome to share your clay with friends, your partner or your children and visit us as often as you like – at no extra charge! If you don’t use up all of the clay at once, we will be happy to store it for you until your next visit.

Perfect for some ‘me’ time, as a fun activity to do together with your partner, friends or family members – even as a once-of-a-kind birthday celebration or a reunion – handmade creations from clay and thrown pottery is as popular as ever and there is not a more convenient and relaxed place to give it a go than Visit Torekov Art Center.

Dates: Every day
Time: 13:00 – 17:00 or on request
Price: 750SEK for 5kg of clay, unlimited visits

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Looking for a place to stay?

To fully appreciate your experience, why not stay at our lovely Torekov Guest House just across the street from the Art Center and make the most of what the area around Torekov has to offer.