• Clay & Pottery Barn

Clay & Pottery Barn

The pottery barn is open daily between 1pm and 6pm / 7 days a week

(on demand also in the morning and during the evening)

There is an all-in package-price of 750 SEK incl. VAT which includes 5 kg of clay, all tools, turntables, glazes, the use of the kiln and for the beginners there is a short introduction to potttery and clay work by one of our team.

The clay package is not restricted to one person which means, you can share the 5 kg of clay with friends, your partner or your children and you can come as often as you want – at no extra charge! If you don’t use up all of the clay at once you can store it and come back another day.

Come alone, with partner, friends or family or make it into an event for a birthday party or special celebration



Feel free to contact us with any question that you might have concerning the Clay & Pottery Barn facilities and use.

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