Amazing Torekov…

Torekov, situated at the western tip of the Bjäre Peninsula is known as one of Sweden’s most beautiful and popular summer resorts. During the bubbling summer months, it is a hot-spot for activities, social meetings, leisure- and fine dining, golfing, sailing, biking, hiking along Skåneleden or around Hovs Hallar, swimming and/or simply relaxing. The island “Hallands Väderö” with its clear blue water, naked cliffs, curious seals and amazing bird-life is very popular for day-trips with the local ferry.
Off-season Torekov offers you other advantages – the possibility of winding down, slowing down, feeling the tranquility of the amazing landscape and nature which includes active farming, soothing hills and peaceful meadows: All this combined with the rugged cliffs of Hovs Hallar makes Torekov and its surroundings a truly amazing place. Make sure to come and visit and experience that special Torekov and Bjäre feeling!

There are so many things to do in Torekov, in Båstad and on the Bjäre-Peninsula!
It is hard to be bored in paradise….

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